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Evory Media Limited (Evory) is a Hong Kong-based development company focused on providing consulting and project management services for companies on digital transformation with innovative technology, such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mobile Application (APP), and more.

Evory Media is advanced in bringing together leading thinkers and doers from various industries through its events and platform. By facilitating networking opportunities, we foster connections among like-minded individuals and businesses. With our motto "Think Global Act Local", we combine global perspectives with a deep understanding of local markets, enabling us to provide tailored solutions and insights that align with the world.

We specialize in online-offline hybrid event production, event planning, and consulting services. We leverage innovative technologies such as VR, AR, Mobile Applications, and more to support companies in their digital transformation endeavors.

We create and promote “Community and technology” intersect to promote caring by facilitating online support communities, telehealth services, social media,  funding platforms, remote work flexibility, and assistive technologies. While technology enhances care, it should complement, not replace, human connection and compassion.

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