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EdTech for Schools

AR Art X Education


Emerging artists have a greater chance to be successful in the working environment if they learn how to use technological advancements as artistic strategies for their own works.

  • No prior technical skills needed

  • Learn how to use the easiest AR platform worldwide

Augmented reality helps artists go beyond the canvas and take advantage of the power of storytelling to create a more interactive and enhanced experience for the viewer.

You certainly want to connect with your viewers better. But perhaps you are a little daunted. Isn't an augmented reality for tech-savvy artists?

This is where Artivive comes in. It's an easy-to-use, affordable tool for creating augmented reality art. Anyone, from someone new to the art form to more experienced artists, can use Artivive.


Request A Workshop

  • Our workshops are tailored to each audience (2h, 4h, Full-day)

  • Choose the topics you’re interested in 

  • Together we’ll decide the format, dates, and outcome of your workshop


  • Understand how to use this medium

  • Build your own narrative

  • Learn to use storytelling in AR

  • Create your first AR art piece

  • Learn how you can use AR art for your projects


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