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Modern Architecture

Digital Twin

Digital Twin

Virtual Reality Tour 2D to 3D, Efficient VR Scanning 360-Degree Experience


Reality 3D cameras for users in various industries, which, when combined with 4Dage's years of technical accumulation in the field of digital twins, enabled realistic 3D digitization for users in various industries. Multi-scenario applications empower industry digitization.

  • Integrated Construction Progress Management
    Intelligent panoramic construction management platform to enhance the ability and level of construction progress management.

  • Cultural Heritage Preservation and Inheritance
    Use digital technology to inherit and protect valuable cultural heritage and build a never-ending museum.

  • Museum and Exhibition Digital Solutions
    Digital technology illuminates the temperature of history and uses 3D digital technology for social education and cultural diffusion.



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  • Our workshops are tailored to each audience (4h, Full-day)

  • Together we’ll decide the format, dates, and outcome of your workshop


  • Understand how to use this medium

  • Scan your own narrative

  • Learn to use storytelling in space tagging

  • Create your first digital twin space

  • Learn how you can use 3D scans for your projects




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